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I have created a app where you can download YouTube videos for android. Now, I want it so that if you play a video in the YouTube native app you can download it too. To do this, I need to know the Intent that the YouTube native app puts out in order to play the YouTube app.
I could do this easially if I had the YouTube program on my emulator, so my 1st question is:
1. Can I download the YouTube app for my emulator, or.
2. What is the intent used when the user selects a video for playback.

18 Answers

And how about this:

This will work on a device but not the emulator per Lemmy's answer.

Here's how I solved this issue:

Now that I've done some more research, it looks like I only needed '' instead of two slashes after the colon (':' vs. '://'):

I tried most of the suggestions here and they didn't really work very well with all of the supposed "direct" methods raising exceptions. I would assume that, with my method, if the YouTube app is NOT installed, the OS has a default fallback position of something other than crashing the app. The app is theoretically only going on devices with the YouTube app on them anyway, so this should be a non-issue.

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