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I’ll give everyone a moment to find a way to get around their school’s filters now that my site has probably been blocked for posting such a headline….

On a more serious note, far too many school district’, including my own, take a hardline stance against allowing access to websites like YouTube and other video sharing sites (can’t get to Google Video at school either). I understand why such websites are blocked for students, and for the most part I agree with blocking some of the more distracting elements (dude, check out the video of this car catching fire!), it’s unfortunate that our staff doesn’t have the ability to access some of the great teaching materials and examples that can be found on YouTube. For instance, our high school Tech Literacy teacher began teaching a new class this year about digital movie making. Having never taught such a course before, she started looking for examples of other student work on the internet and found dozens of perfect student projects on YouTube.

Of course, thanks to our filters, she couldn’t show those valuable resources to her students at school, and there’s the rub. We as teachers know valuable AND appropriate resources when we see them, but too often non-educators block us from using them at school. No more!

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